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Okay, here's a post WITHOUT spoilers for once. Basically, I've been floating a bunch of house rules with my player group to see if I can get some feedback. I'm trying to address problems the players have identified, but I also have to reel in my own tendency to make rules that are overly complicated, or which "over-solve" a problem. Arguably, these might be more "setting rules" than "house rules," per se, since some of them I simply would not use for certain settings; these are more specifically tailored to the sort of game play I'm trying for, for a Fallout-themed campaign.

Here's my current roster, with notes on areas in which I'm conflicted. )
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Scenario #2 for Necronomicon. Teaser premise is that as the PCs are traveling across the wasteland, they come across a television signal that's actually putting out programming, vs. the "Please Stand By" signal or looping Civil Defense emergency messages that most TV stations put out, 200+ years after the Great War.

As the adventure starts, the PCs are at the site of what appears to be the television station putting out the signal. Time to explore!

I still need to hammer out some details. But of course, in the course of discussing such things, there are potential SPOILERS. )
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My Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign is on hiatus now until Necronomicon is over (in October), so I'm using our once-every-two-weeks game session to "play-test" some Fallout-themed scenarios for the convention. If by chance you plan to play my Fallout games at Necronomicon this year (or at my house), please skip over this, because there will be SPOILERS.

First up, for no particularly good reason is the 'Wok-a-Doodle' scenario -- AKA, the 'Outdoor Dungeon.' )
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A player handout that got a bit out of hand (maximum verbosity!) for our Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign.

Read more... )
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